Lets Eat Together


Let’s eat together.

We loved the challenge of shooting 30-something deliciously prepared plates—all to illustrate the idea that though every human being is unique, food is the common thread that connects us.  Every culture, has their version of a noodle or dumpling dish. 

Shooting tabletop food is a specialty of ours, and since each plate of food and its environment would vary from shot to shot, we really needed to have a unique POV on the lighting and composition. 

Sugarhi shot this over 2 days, with 2 camera units going at all time. With the phantom set, we captured dynamic shots of food flying through the air. We also captured lifestyle shots of the talent, observing them enjoying the food and fellowship that Publix made possible. 

Big Shout out to the food stylist, Alise, and her team, who really brought it all together by cooking beautiful plates of food for every single setup!