We have found the perfect recipe for creating brand campaigns rooted in craveable moments.

We Are Sugarhi

Sugarhi is the director / DP team of Jake + Flo, a one stop shop of unparalleled visual freshness. Merging true creative passion with experience in the craft of shooting food and beverage, we serve up craveable content that re-envisions food imagery through a proudly New School lens. 

So what do we do, exactly? We combine live action tabletop and lifestyle into visually dynamic designed-based campaigns that make an instant bold impression on any platform. We’ve lent our vision to some truly iconic brands, and we’re endlessly excited by the idea of using our fresh modern design sensibility to invigorate food and beverage imagery of all kinds. Bright hard lighting, dynamic camera moves, epic slow motion shots, naturalistic outdoors imagery and lifestyle footage…we’re always pushing what’s possible in the food + bev realm, and our emphasis on color and composition ensures that the product is always seen from a fresh perspective. 

At Sugarhi, we also pride ourselves on being versatile and flexible. We can shoot onstage or on location anywhere on the planet! Post production happens all under one roof, whether it’s a design-driven project mixed with live-action or a campaign that includes TV, social, and print content. We house a range of talented artists who are always pushing each product and campaign further, creating consistently innovative content that takes food and beverage imagery to the next level.


The Studio

509 Boccaccio Ave
Venice Ca 90291

310 775 1286


Sam Swisher

Managing Director / Executive Producer 

[email protected]



West Coast


Bryan Shrednick & Millie Munro



MKH Representation

Mary Kate Hatfield


East Coast

Free Agents

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