Michelob Organic Seltzer

Launch Campaign

This campaign launched Michelob’s new Organic Hard Seltzer—one of the more successful launches for Annheiser Busch and Michelob. We partnered with our good friends FCB for an awesomely creative collaboration that we hoped would never end!

Sugarhi handled the direction, design, print photography and post on this 7 spot campaign., creating a playfully surreal look to illustrate the idea that Michelob is the only organic seltzer who knows what’s in the competition’s flavoring. Let’s just say that when peaches turns to sand, watermelons explode, berries are made of glass, and cakes are posing as fresh mangoes, you KNOW it’s time to experience flavor like nature intended! 

Creating 10X tv commercials 15 print ads, and many additional social deliveries. Our process was to previz every spot and sell the concept through to the agency, as well as to capture the design frames of the gag. We shot most of the gags in camera, with bright hardlight - adding CG wherever needed (and yes, this means we built those glass berries, sculpted those sand peaches, and baked a mango cake from scratch!) We also handled the post completely in-house, from edit to VFX to final compositing and photo retouching.