See You at Denny's


2021 Rebrand

We collaborated with Denny’s on their 2020/2021 campaign, designing a fresh new look that injected some youthful color into the brand. 

This 12 spot commercial campaign was designed to highlight different offers throughout the year—all while enticing customers with a thoroughly modern, graphic visual approach. From pumpkin pancakes to Super Slams, we shot all the food all with motion control camera moves. Sugarhi Designed the look and feel for this campaign starting with the demsional typography, and then built colorful tabletop sets for the food to live in, then tracked VFX and animation on top of them. 

We also helped develop and establish the Dennys On Demand delivery service, as well as a Covid safety campaign which outlined the Denny’s safety protocols in a fun, engaging way.

Post-production happens all under one roof, whether its a design-driven project mixed with live action or a campaign that includes TV, social, and print content. We house a range of talented artists who are always pushing each project and campaign further, creating consistently craveable content that takes food and beverage imagery to the next level.